How to Get a Premium Netflix Account for Free Legitimately!

The streaming of television has been around for quite some time now with Netflix being the premium website that a lot of individuals use. One downside of Netflix is that you have to pay a recurring subscription to it each month. Plus, Netflix has announced that they will be increasing the pricing structure of their current services. Right now, it is $7.99 for a standard account. This will be going up and not everyone wants to pay the higher premium. So instead, sponsors are teaming up together to give away premium Netflix accounts for those who want to use the service for free. Here in this article you will find a simple, easy and effective way to get free Netflix account!

How do you go about getting this? It’s simple and requires very little of your time to enjoy!

  • Head to: and if you are already there hit the download button!
  • View all of the offers in your area and choose one that you like.
  • Participate in the survey or offer of your choice.
  • Finish downloading and enjoy!


Why Are We Offering Free Premium Accounts?


Because not everyone is going to want to pay the increased fees to their accounts! Or, if you are completely new to Netflix, you won’t have to deal with that annoying trial membership that you have to remember to cancel after thirty days. Plus, you don’t have to provide any credit card details or deal with any unsuspected charges to your card.  We do not provide you with software to download and we scan all of our downloads for virus’, malware so that you can enjoy your Netflix error free!

Netflix is the top streaming service due to it being the largest database of television shows, documentaries, movies, and children’s programs. All programs can be watched in high definition as well! So rather then paying for it, why not just use one of our premium accounts for free!